MIME 2019

MAYA 2017

PULSE 2016

Vibrations of Pulse 2016 in Louis Mayer Theatre in April, 2016

"COLORS” 2014 :

DanceDilSe, successfully put a MEGA show on SEPTEMBER 20 2014, "COLORS" @ Spangenberg Theater Stage in Palo Alto to raise funds for Asha for Education, dedicated to bringing hope for children through education. “Colors come alive - a movie on stage depicted 3 stories of love that never happened, love that clicked immediately and love that stands true during the toughest of times.

 Asha for Education Promoting DanceDilSe: http://www.ashanet.org/siliconvalley/events/dancedilse/

"E-MOTION!" 2011 :


DanceDilSe-Manthan offered its first stage performace, a unique theme based show called E-MOTION! . Modern interpretations of 9 Emotions in an Indian artistic traditions was showcased. The show featured theater, dances representing unique styles, film, visual arts and music.