• for 10 years of leadership skills in Organizing & Directing Oracle Diwali . THIS IS BIG for my LIFE ACHIEVEMENTS . Big Dreams come true as well if worked hard with dedication for years. It was a GREAT feeling and I was shaking & no words ....... I would say WORTH IT . Thanks to all ORACLE friends who were part of this journey and supported me

    Receiving AWARD OF EXCELLENCE from 

    *** THOMAS KURIAN *** 

     (PRESIDENT of ORACLE on Nov 4th Friday @ 4PM in HQ Redwood Shores)
  • DanceDilSe Celebrating its 5th Anniversary

    DanceDilSe Celebrating its 5th Anniversary on Nov 11th Friday night and giving DanceDiLSe AWARDS for all participants and organizing team who contributed for the success of the company over the past 5 years 


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